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I'm a Software Engineer with experience in building scalable and maintainable software. The proficiency at Django , Flask and Javascript makes me good at Web Development. Can easily work with SQL and also NoSQL databases. Knowledge of Linux, Virtualization and Automation of tasks is invaluable in my opinion. I am always happy to work with new programming languages, technologies because programming is a discipline

Personal Information

  • Name : Naren Arya Yellavula
  • Age : 24 Years
  • Phone : +917032152940
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Address : Bangalore, India


The point of having skills is to apply them. We come across variety of things when situation demands us to achieve an objective. In my relatively short career, I am fortunate to burn my hands on many things. Few pin-points are here. Don't think below bars are for 100%. Comparision is made just relative to each other.

Python and libraries
JavaScript and libraries
Linux & DevOps
Git & Agile
Test driven development
C++ and other skills


I am proud to be worked and working with the opensource tools.